Welcome backers, to the Kickstarter for a new startup –  Magace Inc! We are 3 months old and we need your help to bring the greatest minimalist, detachable phone wallet case to the world market!

A few years ago, we searched the market for a phone case that was sleek and thin, with a bit of extra drop protection, could hold a few of our most-used credit cards, some cash, partial RFID blocking (because I still have an RFID door pass card), perhaps a kickstand,  a secure finger strap, and be detachable. Our demands were high because, how can there be all these features and it still be thin?  We searched high and low for this elusive wallet phone case – some cases had some features, no case had it all. So we invented our own!

The features we saw, and surely recognizable are:  protective hard case, finger strap, card holder slot, kickstand, money clip, bulky book-like wallets for your cards, a weird extendable finger grip disc, drop proof design, water proof case, and hundreds of styles to suit your tastes.

These are all great ideas!  But there was no single case that had everything – UNTIL – MAGACE!